Vaginal dryness

Later in life, in period of perimenopause and after menopause dryness and emaciation of vaginal walls can occur. This makes patients life harder and intercourse difficult. This condition crops up after operation and removal of the uterus and ovaries, after treatment of breast cancer.

The main reason for that is lower quantity of the estrogen hormone.

The treatment can be by using lubricants, by hormone therapy and lately by usage of lasers.

Laser therapy implies increasement of wetness and elasticity of vagina and the region of entrance to vagina.

Laser u ginekologiji

After placing the glass speculum and laser extension the treatment of vaginal walls is first, and then the area of entrance to vagina and area around exit of the urethra.

This treatment lasts about thirty minutes and there is no need for recovery after it. increased discharge from the vagina can appear for a couple of days. It is necessary to avoid lifting heavy weights and abstinence from intercourses for the period of two weeks.

Control is scheduled after one month period. In most cases it is necessary to effect three treatments within a month interval.