Treating the episiotomy scars by laser

Episiotomy is cut at the entrance to vagina and perineum that is often performed for the easier and painless delivery (childbirth). It is sewn in layers. The episiotomy wound heals fast and after healing, the scar remains.

Sometimes the healing can be prolonged due to infection, unsewn of the episiotomy stitch, tissue characteristics. Sometimes this scar can create different problems such as: straining, disturbances when sitting, disturbances during intercourse.

Laser therapy provides softening of the scar, remolding of the old and creation of the new collagen. Laser beam is placed along the scar enough times, and after that the area around the scar is treated too.

The treatment lasts about twenty minutes. Patients can immediately turn back to her regular living activities. It is necessary to refrain from intercourse in the period of seven days.

In most cases it is necessary to effect two to three treatments with a pause of one month.

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