Stress urinary incontinence

This is an unpleasent state that makes difficult and reduces the quality of womans life. It implies, occasionally at the beginning, and later on more frequently, involuntary drop out of urine when women sneeze, coughs or expose herself to reduced or increased physical effort.

It can appear during pregnancy, after that it may retreat and show up again later. By increasing the number of pregnancies later in life, the problem may intensify.

Vagina, urethra, urinary bladder are placed in certain anathomical relation. When, due to childbirth, elapse of time, decreasing of the elasticity of vagina, change of body weight, hard physical labor, comes the disbalance of this relation – unwilling dropout of urine may occur.
Foton laser therapy helps with these difficulties and has a high percentage of success.

Laser u ginekologiji

Intervention is done by placing special spekulum in and by following the exact procedure effect laser treatment. This treatment is painless and it lasts up to thirty minutes. Thanks to heat and light energy the old collagen is molded and new collagen is created.

The patient can imediatelly return to her daily activities. It is required to abstain from sexual intercourse for about ten days and to refrain from hard physical activities until next control. Control is scheduled in four to six weeks when eventual repetition of the treathment is to be decided. It is often necessary to undergo two to three treatments.

In between treatments it is desirable to workout Kegels exercises which can be done on our Star Former magnetic chair too and with lots of success.