Spiral application

For the purpose of contraception, and in some cases, in addition to contraception for the purpose of treatment, spiral is applied into the uterus.

The spiral is usually applied near the end of the regular period.

Spirals can be unmedicated and medicated.

If the bleeding is profuse and the uterus has fibroids, application of medicated spiral that releases small amounts of hormones that usually decreases only the bleeding, can be advised.

Application of the spiral is simple, in most cases without anesthesia and painless. After the intervention scanty bleeding is possible and short-term pressure on the small pelvis.

Aplikacija spirale AB Medical Poliklinika Beograd

It is common advice that the spiral is in the uterus about five years, after that it is removed by pulling the thread.

During this intervention, if there is need, another spiral can be applied.

If the spiral stays in the uterus much longer, it is necessary to perform exploratory curettage which is done in total anesthesia when removing it.