Removal scars

The minimally invasive nature of laser scar revision treatments means they are well tolerated by patients, and the faster recovery time allows patients to realize the psychological impact of scar revision treatments much sooner.

Lasers are ideally suited for the effective treatment of a wide range of scar tissue. Er: IAG skin resurfacing is used to gently ablate scar tissue and activate collagen remodelling. Acne scars respond particularly well to Er: IAG treatments.

For hypertrophic scars, clinical studies conducted with the Nd: IAG wavelength show further improvement in the aesthetic appearance and overall quality of scar tissue, including erythema, volume, flexibility, etc.

With Foton’s pioneering dual-wavelength scar revision therapy, both non-ablative Nd: IAG and fractional-ablative Er: IAG wavelengths are combined as part of a unique comprehensive scar treatment regimen, with immediately visible results that surpass those of traditional laser and conventional scar treatment techniques.

Dual wavelength scar treatment therapies provide a highly effective solution that not only addresses the aesthetic appearance of the scar but also helps address complicating factors with the vascular supply system of the scar.