Removal of condylomas

Condylomas are sexually transmitted genital warts. They appear as single, smaller or larger warts, even larger changes can also occur.

They are caused by certain types of HIV virus. They can occur in men and women.

When it comes to gynecology, they can appear on the external genitals, vagina, cervix, around anus.

It is necessary to remove them for as long as they appear.

They can be removed by freezing (cryotherapy), surgically, by applying laser or radio waves.

Uklanjanje kondiloma AB Medical Poliklinika Beograd

The most efficient method to remove them is by using laser or radio waves. In most cases the removal is done in local anesthesia. It is a painless intervention and the recovery is fast, depending on number and size of modifications.

They can be removed in the pregnancy time too, up to two months before the baby is due. If they are removed, the delivery can be done vaginally.