Did you know how powerful our body is?

The human body has the power to regenerate and heal tissue throughout the skin.

PRP treatment, i.e. blood plasma rejuvenation treatment, does exactly that by naturally stimulating the production of collagen, restoring the volume of thinned skin and creating new blood vessels.

With this treatment we achieve a youthful appearance of the skin, increasing its elasticity and tightness, scars on the skin become less visible, improving the condition of the skin with acne, accelerating the recovery process after certain aesthetic interventions, and especially visible reduction of wrinkles.

Platelets from your blood are used for this treatment, so there will be no unwanted reactions.

A local anaesthetic is used for the treatment to make the procedure as comfortable as possible, and then platelet-rich plasma is injected with needles to stimulate the stem cells.

The effects of the treatment are visible after the first, and the best results are achieved after the third treatment. Treatments are done once every month.

Let your skin be radiant and tight.