PAPA test

During a preventive gynecological examination a PAPA swab must be taken.

This is very important as by this simple and painless method we can detect changes in the cells of the cervix itself that can point to some serious diseases or indicate some changes that could be serious in time, but don’t lead to any difficulties.

A PAPA swab is taken with a special wooden spatula from the surface of the cervix and immediately after this by the little brush from the cervical canal.

After preparing such a material and after looking at the preparation under a microscope, we get an insight if everything is right or more frequent controls are desired and eventually some interventions, all in accordance to colposcopic results.

Papa test AB Medical Poliklinika Beograd

PAPA test should be performed once in every year, even more often if there are some changes in the result itself, but not shorter than three months, in order to regenerate the cells of the cervix that are under observation.