Mesotherapy faces

Facial mesotherapy is a procedure that uses very thin needles to inject various substances (cocktails) into the skin, which contribute to increasing its freshness, radiance, reducing fine pores and wrinkles, as well as rejuvenation.

The choice of cocktail is individual, depending on the region, the condition of the skin as well as the problem being treated, and it is determined by the doctor during the examination itself.

Mesotherapy can be done for people of all age groups.

Hyaluronic acid, various vitamins, minerals and many other active ingredients are most often found in cocktails.

The most common region that is treated is the face because the initial signs of ageing are usually visible on the face first. Under the influence of the sun, pollution, atmospheric conditions, as well as lifestyle, collagen and elastin synthesis decrease over time, subcutaneous fat tissue thins and wrinkles form

Mezoterapija lica

With this procedure, we are returning to the skin exactly what it has lost.

With the technique of superficial or deep needle punctures, we ensure that the cocktail exhibits an optimal effect. For each patient, it is necessary to determine the composition of the mesotherapy cocktail individually. The procedure is not painful and lasts between 15-30 minutes, and for optimal results, several treatments (3-5) should be performed within 7-14 days, as recommended. The skin after the treatment is visibly tightened, hydrated and rejuvenated. Side effects are minimal and short-lived in the form of redness and hematoma at the injection site. After the treatment, it is advised to avoid the sauna, the swimming pool, and the application of make-up for several hours, after which the patient continues with regular activities and usual care.

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