LipLase-Laser non-invasive lip augmentation

  • Fuller, natural-looking lips
  • Well-defined lip edges
  • Well-defined cupid’s bow
  • Stimulates collagen transformation
  • It triggers the creation of new collagen
  • No needles, no recovery required

The LipLase procedure is non-invasive and does not contain artificial ingredients, because the laser beam stimulates the remodelling of the existing and creating new collagen with its thermal effect. With the short treatment time, the appearance of “ideal lips” is achieved: fullness, volume, correct balance between the upper and lower lips and a defined lip line.


The treatment is painless, short, and very comfortable for patients.

It takes 3-5 treatments depending on the patient’s age, around 3 weeks apart.

After the achieved results, it is recommended to maintain the achieved effect twice a year.

The innovative LipLase laser treatment is the method of choice, i.e. the ideal solution for all those who want a natural look of fuller lips without needles and the introduction of natural or artificial materials.