Hyperpigmentation removal

Did you know hyperpigmentation is solvable and the solution starts at AB Medical?

Hyperpigmentation represents changes in the skin that occur due to increased production of melanin pigment in certain parts of the skin.

There are different types of hyperpigmentation:

● Freckles (ephelides),
● Melasma,
● Age spots,
● Lentigo,
● Post-inflammatory pigmentation.

Treatment methods are also diverse, but we always advise you to consult our dermatologist:

● Application of creams with active substances (hydroquinone),
● Application of liquid nitrogen,
● RF knife,
● Innovative and highly effective laser treatment.

The golden rule is that hyperpigmentation must be protected during the summer with high SPF factor creams, and removed during the year’s colder months.

Be safe and assured with the AB Medical team.

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