Gynecological examination

Every woman should come for regular gynecological examinations after starting with sexual relations.

Such preventive examinations are performed once a year and include gynecological bimanual (by hand) examinations, colposcopy, PAPA test and gynecological ultrasound.

If necessary, if there are medical reasons or if the patient feels discomfort, these examinations can be performed more often, optionally.

Preventive examinations are of inestimable importance as problems in gynecology do not have to cause any symptoms, but can be very serious. By these examinations potentially dangerous changes can be detected before they threaten a patient’s health and life.

That is the reason why the preventive examinations are for us the most important. Such examination is painless, most probably unpleasant.

AB Medical polyclinic is there for every lady who wishes to perform all the examinations in the peaceful and relaxing environment, in a professional manner and by using the most modern equipment.

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