Epilation AvalancheLase

Laser hair removal is the method of choice for treating hairiness (excessive hair), either for aesthetic or medical reasons.

All parts of the body can be safely treated with laser epilation.

The best results are achieved with a combination of white skin, i.e. skin of basic complexion with darker and thicker hair.

The laser beam targets the melanin pigment which gives color to hairs and in a short time turns light into heat (photothermolysis) and permanently destroys hairs that are in the active phase of growth.

The number of treatments depends on the colour and thickness of the hairs, the area of ​​the body being treated, the hair growth cycle and the depth of the roots. It usually takes 3 to 5 times over 4 to 8 weeks.

Preparation for treatment

Before going to the treatment, you should avoid being exposed to the sun’s rays and the solarium for at least 6 weeks. 4 to 6 weeks before the treatment itself, the hairs must not be pulled from the roots (hot or cold wax, tweezers, epilator…) but only removed from the surface (razor, depil / epil cream, trimmer, scissors…). A few days before the treatment itself, it is necessary not to touch the hairs anymore, because it is necessary for them to grow a few millimeters for the treatment itself (1-2mm).

The treatment

Laser hair removal treatment is quick and painless. During the treatment, the skin is continuously cooled, so the feeling is reduced to a slight burning sensation, especially on the parts that are more sensitive or densely covered with hairs.

Treatment aftercare

After the treatment itself, short-term redness and slight swelling around the hair itself may occur. A regenerative emulsion or cream is applied to the treated area. After the treatment, it is necessary to avoid the solarium or exposure to the sun’s rays. There are no absolute contraindications for the treatment. With adequate preparation, the treatment can be done throughout the year.

The keywords:

  • Permanent
  • Safe
  • Quick
  • Effective