A colposcopic examination must be performed during every preventive examination that is performed once a year.

This examination is painless and after smearing the cervix with acetic acid, the vagina and cervix are observed under microscopic magnification and the image is obtained on the screen. With this examination, a normal finding can be established or various changes can be observed, ones that are usually not visible to the bare eye. 

These eventual changes could be potentially dangerous to the patient’s health. At the end, staining with an iodine solution (Lugol’s solution) is performed in order to obtain a complete picture.

Kolposkopija AB Medical Poliklinika Beograd

Combining this with the PAPA test we obtain a complete and very precise picture of the state of the cervix so we decide to undertake regular yearly check-ups, more frequent controls or eventual additional diagnostic interventions.

Please note that the regular PAPA test and colposcopic examinations are performed to prevent the health of the patient and in almost every case they detect potentially serious changes even before they become dangerous for the patient’s health.