Cistocela is the descent of the urinary bladder as well as yielding and descenting of the front wall of vagina. There are more degrees of this descenting, until complete dropout through the vagina entrance.

To this state one can come after hard childbirth, time flow, due to hard physical work, weight gain.

For the first and second degree of cistocela laser treatment is very efficient. In that manner classical surgical operations are avoided. By its heath and light effect remodels the old and creates new collagen.

Special glass speculum is placed into the vagina and through it laser sequels are inducted by special procedure.

The treatment is painless and lasts about thirty minutes.

Laser u ginekologiji

After this procedure for a couple of days increased vaginal discharge may occur as well as some transient involuntary discharge of urine.

After this intervention for the period of two weeks sexual intercourse and lifting heavy weight should be avoided.

Control and eventual retreatment are scheduled within four to six weeks. It is most often necessary to implement three of these treatments.

In between treatments it is desirable to workout Kegel exercises which are possible to be effected on the StarFormer magnetic chair.