AB Medical Polyclinic is a modern medical institution of a unique concept, located in the heart of Belgrade, in Dorćol, intended for clients who are in search of top medical and aesthetic procedures in one place.

In a holistic environment, you can be sure and entrust yourself to our eminent experts in the fields of dermatology, gynaecology and internal medicine, and our mission is that each patient receives a personalized approach as well as maximum devotion in solving health problems or aesthetic antiaging adjustments.

The exclusivity of AB Medical is also reflected in the equipment itself, in the most modern lasers of the last generation of Fotona, which in a painless and non-invasive way affect the advancement of the quality and aesthetics of the skin, the stimulation of hair growth in men and women, but also the removal of scars, keratosis and other changes.

Since the laser itself has a wide range of effects, we use it in gynaecology, where our expert team of gynaecologists efficiently achieves excellent results for women diagnosed with urinary incontinence, cystocele, as well as other problems that usually require surgical interventions and a long recovery.

If you want to tighten, reshape your body, strengthen your muscles or recover faster after injuries, the revolutionary Star former which uses electromagnetic HITS waves (Hight Intensive TESLA magnetic Stimulation) will be your best ally for beautiful and toned muscles.

Moreover, Star Former also solves the problems of urinary and faecal incontinence, chronic prostatitis, erectile dysfunction, back pain and pelvic muscle weakness.

Let your greatest and safest transformation begin today at AB Medical Polyclinic!


AB Medical poliklinika

Our team

Our team consists of top doctors and nurses
with many years of experience.

AB Medical Poliklinika Dr Dejan Terzić

Dr. Dejan Terzic
Specialist Dermatovenerologist

Dr Ivana Vranešević

Dr Ivana Vranešević
Specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics

AB Medical Poliklinika Dr.Dragana Maglić

Kl. ass dr Dragana Maglić
Specialist in gynecology and obstetrics

Aleksandra Gudovic

Prim Dr sci. med Aleksandra Gudović
Specialist in gynecology and obstetrics

Dr.Rastko Maglić

Doc.dr. Rastko Maglić
Specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics

AB Medical Poliklinika Dr.Rajko Nikolić

Dr Rajko Nikolić
Specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics

AB Medical Poliklinika Dr.Aleksandar Radović

Dr Aleksandar Radović
Specialist in internal medicine

Dr Milan Đorđević

Dr Milan Đorđević
Specialist in general surgery

Spec.Dr med. Ana Radović

Spec.dr med. Ana Radović

Specialist in psychiatry

AB Medical Poliklinika

Jovana Jović
Gynaecological-obstetrical nurse